The Current Crisis for the Servicing Industry

Lenders and servicers are feeling immense pressure today to help homeowners to avoid foreclosure. Yet, at the same time, servicers must be able to assure their investors that they have made sustainable modifications.

Unfortunately, most homeowners—even those who have been pre-qualified for modifications—fail to respond to offers to modify their loans. On the other hand, fully 36% of those homeowners in 2008 who had their mortgages adjusted re-defaulted within just 30 days! What a dilemma for the lenders and servicers! Just where is the middle ground?

Let One Call Assure You Of:

1) Friendly, Non-Threatening Homeowner Contact — We’re Confident because We’ve Been Doing This For Years: One Call’s parent, Tax Ease, has established itself in Texas as a lender to thousands of homeowners who are behind in their property taxes, their mortgage payments and who are feeling distress. Over the last seven years we’ve hired and trained the personnel, developed the systems and refined the contact techniques which enable us to get through where others may have failed.

2) A Lower Default Rate — We’re Confident Because One Call Relief is not only A Mortgage Counselor but Also a Credit Manager and Debt Repair counselor. While helping homeowners to modify their mortgage payments, One Call Relief works with homeowners so that they can regain their financial health and avoid future mortgage delinquencies.

3) An Empathetic Bi-Lingual Service — Here Again We’re Confident because many of our staff have Hispanic backgrounds in counseling.  In 2006, it’s estimated that 50% of all subprime loans were made to Latino’s while 30-40% of subprime loans end in foreclosure. So while the Hispanic community has been hit particularly hard, most are intimidated and fearful of an all powerful lender/servicer. Separated by a Common Tongue: Foreclosures Trap Translators in Middle -

One Call Home Help Services

  • Homeowner contacting through a combination of calls and letters and counseling
  • Borrower interviews and information updates
  • Complete fulfillment of loan documents
  • Finalize loan mitigation options for the borrower
  • Door hanging and door knocking services
  • Finalize transactions with notary service


Re-Defaults Prove It

Re-Defaults Prove It

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Not all borrowers will qualify for a mortgage loan modification through One Call Debt Help, LLC. , and One Call Debt Help does not guarantee any specific modification results. Enrollment and modification results are subject to qualification and acceptance into the One Call Debt Help modification program. Actual results will vary based on individual situations and lenders, the current terms of your mortgage, and your ability to meet the terms of your modified mortgage. A loan modification is not a guarantee against foreclosure if you fail to meet the terms of your modified mortgage.