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A credit score is a rating used by a lender to help determine whether you qualify for a particular credit card, loan, or service. Based on information in your credit file, the credit reporting company analyzes your information using a complex mathematical model to yield your credit score. Most credit scores estimate the risk a company incurs by lending you money or providing you with a service -- specifically, the likelihood that you'll fail to make payments in the next two to three years. The higher the score, the less risk you represent. Your score is calculated by a mathematical equation that evaluates many types of information found in the credit file.

One Call Credit Help  does a full analysis of your past Credit and current Credit profile to help Re-establish or Build an Entire Credit Profile. Our three inter-related programs are designed to rebuild and restore your credit.

Length of the Program 3 months 6 months 12 months <
Credit Analysis
Credit Score Rebuilding 15-20 points 75-150 points + 75-150 points +
Credit Restoration in 180 days
Credit Training and Education
Budget Analysis and Client Support  
Public Records Removal    
Foreclosures occurred within last 24 months    
Repo occurred within last 24 months    
Bankruptcy within last 24 months    

Credit Training

> Introduction to Credit > Facts About Your Score
> 5 Steps to a Higher Score > Building a Healthy Credit Score
> Manage Your Credit Score > Inquiries
> The Dos and Don'ts of Closing Accounts > Keeping Your Credit Out of the ICU
> Credit Report Expiration Guide > The Consequences of Closing Old Accounts
  > Fact or Fiction

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Not all borrowers will qualify for a mortgage loan modification through One Call Debt Help, LLC. , and One Call Debt Help does not guarantee any specific modification results. Enrollment and modification results are subject to qualification and acceptance into the One Call Debt Help modification program. Actual results will vary based on individual situations and lenders, the current terms of your mortgage, and your ability to meet the terms of your modified mortgage. A loan modification is not a guarantee against foreclosure if you fail to meet the terms of your modified mortgage.