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Based on our years of experience in the Credit, Debt, Personal Finance and Mortgage industries, we have put together a team of experts who can provide you with solutions to your mortgage and debt problems. Here are what our customers say about One Call Home Help, One Call Debt Help, and One Call Credit Help.

Mortgage Customers
  "In just six weeks, Gracielle at One Call Home Help reduced my payment by 27% - nearly $3,000 per year. Best of all, it was easy, it didn't hurt my credit score and they did all the negotiating with the lender for me during the 'forbearance' period." -MG, Lakeland, FL
Credit Management
"The kids are getting ready to go to college, so I thought about refinancing on my mortgage so I can provide a higher education for my children. Much to my surprise, the collection account was still on my credit report after more than 8 years! I didn't know what to do and no one was able to tell me why an old collection account was still there. One Call Credit Help was able to educate me and help me when I needed the help most. Thank you One Call Credit Help for not only restoring my credit, my good name but most importantly my pride!" -Sharon, Boulder CO
We're newly-weds, unfortunately with below average credit. We tried to finance a home but couldn't get the best interest rate. One Call Credit Help educated us with our credit profile and helped us manage the inaccurate information on our credit reports. Within 90 days, we bought our dream home and saved thousands of dollars in interest alone. Thank you for making our dreams come true!" -Chris & Tina, TX
"I've tried everything to get information on Credit Reporting and the bureaus couldn't offer me any advice. One Call Credit Help was there for me when I needed the help most! Thank you!" -Laura, Houston TX
Debt Relief
"My medical Insurance dropped the ball and I didn't find out until the collection companies started harassing me! I was desperately trying to get this resolved, but no help or additional information was offered. Before I knew it, my credit score plunged - credit cards started to raise interest rates and cut back on my limits! One Call Credit Help helped me restore my credit score by contacting the creditor, collection companies and credit reporting bureaus. Thank you One Call Credit Help for getting my life back together!" -Paul, Dallas, TX

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